By admin, 28 March, 2023

I'm reading Daniel Sipos's Drupal 9 Module Development (though my Drupal install is actually version 10). Today I added a `.module` file that contained some help text for my "Been Here Before?" module. The help text used Drupal's built-in "help_hook". This new help message isn't a change that users can see on the public-facing site. But when I view the Help pages in the admin panel, I can see the help text I added to the module.

By admin, 19 March, 2023

While Drupal is easy to use, an area where it really shines is in its capacity for customization. Through the use of what are called "modules," web developers can add new features and capabilities to their Drupal website. Want to see a simple example of a module? Here's one I wrote called "Been Here Before?" It uses cookies to see if you've visited that web page before, and it keeps track of how many times you've been there.

Here is the roadmap for where I plan on taking this module in the coming weeks:

By admin, 19 March, 2023

PHP is a very flexible programming language that drives many of the Internet's most popular sites. Besides being the backend language for popular frameworks such as WordPress and Drupal, PHP is also used to perform maintenance and connectivity tasks on many web servers and other servers.